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Dressing Aid Features

The Ezy-As Compression Stocking Dressing Aid 

Do you have difficulty putting on compression garments, regular stockings or socks? Many do! The Ezy-As dressing aid has made this tiresome daily task that much easier for:

  • those with limited mobility and have difficulty bending forward
  • those with ankle or knee conditions
  • carers helping to dress patients
  • those who are pregnant
  • those with venous and lymphatic diseases
  • those looking for an easier way to fit tight and cumbersome compression stockings

Daily living aids 

The Ezy-As comes in three sizes and can also be purchased with a handle attachment to make your life even easier!

The Ezy-As has received wide acclaim and was a prize winner on the ABC television show 'The New Inventors'.


I have found the Ezy-As an excellent product to work with. It’s so simple to use and has reduced application time greatly. I find the sturdy design helps to protect and prevent discomfort when applying stockings and it is good value for money as it doesn’t have to be renewed on a regular basis. I like the cheery colours denoting various sizes as they are easily identifiable and do not have a clinical appearance. I highly recommend it.

Catriona P - District Nurse, Scotland

For a quick demonstration, view our print and videos - How to put on compression stockings

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