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How to put on compression stockings or socks?

Unfortunately, compression stockings can be difficult to pull over your legs, especially if you have arthritis or a sore knee, ankle or back.

It is easiest to put on compression stockings before you get out of bed, as your legs will have less edema and will be clean and dry.

A compression stocking aid can help you put on your compression stockings. This will make the process quicker and reduce the strain placed on your back.


Please Note: Ezy-As™ is an assistive device only.
The unique design of the Ezy-As compression garment applicator has made it possible to assist in the fitting of a wide range of compression garments.  For the final positioning on the limb of any such garments, please refer to the information supplied by the garment manufacturer.

Download the step by step instructions full of helpful tips here:

Ezy-As Instruction GuideEzy-As Instruction Guide - Dutch versionEzy-As Instruction Guide - German version Ezy-As Instruction Guide - Italian version

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