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EzyAs™ products ship from Australia to Australian addresses only. If you are an international customer please  contact the distributor in your country/region.

  • Ezy-As Applicator

    Ezy-As Applicator

    Ezy-As™ applicators are available in three sizes (large, medium and small) to assist in stocking application to both upper and lower limbs. Sizes are as follows:Large (B… $59.50 Select Options
  • EzyAs Handle

    EzyAs Handle

    One size fits all size applicators. The EzyAs™ Handle is to be used with the Ezy-As™ Applicator. The handle allows compression garments to be applied without havin… $29.50
  • Funnel® for the foot

    Funnel® for the foot

    The Funnel is an advanced shoehorn designed to help put on footwear.It keeps hands free for better balance and limits bending and twisting when putting on a shoe. No more coll… $29.70
  • Gloves


    The Ezy-Glove helps you load the stocking onto the Ezy-As applicator, by gripping the stocking and making it easier to slide on.It is especially helpful if you lack strength in you… $9.90 Select Options